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Fashion watches

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Sometimes it can be complicated knowing what kind of watch to purchase for yourself or a loved one, most of the time it can become difficult deciding between different brands and specifications. Founded in 1880, T. H. Baker has over 130 years experience within the jewellery and watch business, this experience has led us to be an accredited dealer so you know you can trust your purchases.

With plenty of watches to choose from online and in store with us, you’re sure to find the perfect watch for you or a loved one. Whether you’re after a fashion watch, luxury timepiece or something that’s help with your sport, we will have the watch for you. Thousands of watches in stock across the House of Watches online store, there is more than enough watches to choose from.

For fashion watches, look no further than House of watches, with a huge variation in brands and styles, House of Watches has every type of fashion watch you could need. One of the most iconic brands known for fashion watches has to be Swatch, combining Swiss watch making and fashion statements all in one perfect timepiece. With bold, bright colours, graphic patterns that stand out from the crowd, swatch have a style for everyone, adult or child.

The reality is that any watch can be classed as a fashion watch, especially if it suits your style. It is known that every watch says something about its wearer and it will most likely always compliment the wearers outfit as that is the main aim of a “fashion” watch and why the majority of people purchase them for themselves or as gifts.

The average fashion watch will normally reflect certain styles and trends at the time and some watches are better suited for particular occasions. The use of different materials and colours make it easier for everyone to show off their style through their timepiece without having to wear bold statement outfits.

Countless brands are beginning to produce more and more fashion watches and this is purely down to their popularity and most people wanting to have a wristwatch. With a lot of the “high end” watch brands costing mo9re than average, fashion watches allow the wearer to purchase a watch of quality and style without the hefty price tag.

A fashion watch is definitely more affordable than your luxury watches, however fashion watches still tend to have an up market, luxury look and feel to the timepiece. Making these items a brilliant item to gift for birthdays and other occasions, as there is such a huge variation of styles and colours for everyone.

There are many different brands of ladies watches sold at House of Watches, including Casio, Tissot, Swatch and many more. Treat yourself or a loved one to the perfect timepiece, whether it be extravagant and luxurious or simple and practical, House of watches will have the ideal watch for everyone. Shop our collection of men’s watches and women’s fashion watches online now at House of Watches.

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