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The Real Cost of Pallet Delivery

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How much does it cost to send a pallet?

There are various factors that affect the price of a pallet delivery service, so it’s difficult to give an exact cost. Factors including collection and delivery locations, quantity and size of pallets and also add-ons can affect the price pallet carriers offer.

Is pallet shipping cheaper than parcel delivery?

Usually, parcel delivery is cheaper. This is because pallets can move around a network up to 8 times, so labour costs are factored into the price, along with the weight and size of the pallet.

This doesn’t always mean parcel deliveries are better, though. Pallet delivery services can often be a lot more economical if you’re shipping a large number of goods.

What are the benefits of sending a pallet?

There are many benefits of using a pallet carrier to send your pallets.

Pallets are very strong, which will ensure your goods are kept secure during transit. Wrapping your goods with shrinkwrap and other packing material will increase protection of your goods even more. It also means that you can stack heavier items without the worry of collapsing pallets.

Pallets are also reusable, unlike most packages, and can be used up to nine times if they are properly maintained. Or, if you no longer have a need for your pallet, you can upcycle it! Our pallet upcycle blog has many great ideas for upcycling projects including gates and storage units.

What are the different pallet sizes?

Pallets we know today usually come in two different sizes, depending on whether you live in the UK or Europe. In the UK, the standard pallet size you’d expect to see is 120x100x220cm. This does not refer to the actual wooden structure, but the dimensions of stacked goods you can load onto it.

European pallets are typically slightly smaller, measuring in at 120x80cm with the height remaining the same, so be wary of this if you wish to use this type of pallet.

How much is a Euro pallet worth in the UK?

If you do choose to ship your goods using a Euro pallet, you’ll need to know how much they cost. Fortunately, both standard UK and Euro pallets are inexpensive to buy. Euro pallets usually cost between £4.50 and £10, while you can pick up a standard UK pallet for around the same price.

You can also acquire pallets at places like B&Q or Wickes, as they usually have them laying around their yards. You may also be able to pick these up free of charge, or for a very small cost. Many pallet carriers also offer a “pallet and wrap” service, where the collection driver will provide a pallet and shrinkwrap if you cannot get one yourself.

How much does a heat-treated pallet cost?

A heat-treated pallet is a pallet that has been heated to a high temperature to ensure the removal of any materials that may be hazardous. This makes it safer for shipment.

Heat-treated pallets often don’t cost much more than their regular counterparts. You can purchase a heat-treated pallet for around £1-£2 extra.

How to book a pallet delivery service

Great news! You’ve weighed out the pros and cons of pallets and found out the weight and dimensions of your goods and now you’re ready to book a pallet delivery.

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