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ByRose Hill

Top 5 MBA Specializations for a Recession-Proof Career

Many students who are aspiring to be career professionals queue up each year for MBA admission. They often face the difficult decision of selecting the right MBA specialty for them. While most students select their MBA specialization based on their interest and work experience, it can still be difficult to choose the right one. Because there are so many MBA specializations available today, it can be difficult to find the right one that will protect you from economic instability in the future. We have compiled a list of the top five MBA specializations that will not only be in high demand in the corporate world, but could also provide you with a career that is recession-proof.

These are the top 5 MBA specializations that will protect your career from economic downturn

MBA Information Technology:

Information Technology (IT), is one of few industries that can withstand economic downturns for a longer period of time. After the 2008-09 recession, IT industry grew stronger and more resilient. An MBA in IT is a highly lucrative career that can open up endless growth opportunities, even when the economy is struggling. This specialization is not available to software professionals, but IT pros.

This specialization could lead to lucrative IT positions such as System Analysts, Technical Systems Managers, and Technical consultants. These designations can be used by IT professionals to gain access to high-ranking positions such as Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Chief Information Officer (CIO) and many other lucrative roles.

Executive MBA

What if you can get a promotion even though the economy is in decline? This may sound a little crazy, but executive MBA can make it seem possible. Executive MBA is not a course that can be considered a specialization, but its inclusion on this list is largely due to its huge popularity.

Executive MBA (also known as MBAWX) is designed for working professionals who have at least five years’ experience and are looking for promotion to the top of the management ladder. Executive MBA is a course that’s highly beneficial to working professionals. However, it also has immense value for companies. This is why its popularity has soared.

Executive MBA is only available online or at a distance because it’s designed for executives. programs are a popular choice for executive MBA courses.

MBA in Human Resource Management:

Human resource managers are essential for any company to function today. This makes the job both a highly sought-after and a long-lasting one. The fact that HR is a career that can withstand recessions is also a plus. Most companies still need HR managers, even when they are downscaling.

Students who plan to pursue a MBA in Human Resources must be able to communicate effectively and have a lot of confidence.

A MBA in Human Resources Management is a great way to get into the industry of Industry Relations Manager. This profession also offers a high salary package.

MBA in Hospital Management and Healthcare

An MBA in Healthcare Management and Hospital Management is a great option for a remunerative career. This is because any industry that deals with health is not immune to economic downturns. This hypothesis is based upon the commonsense belief that health is an essential part of human life. In the post-pandemic era, a MBA in hospital management and healthcare is a viable career choice.

This specialization allows students to manage large hospitals. It is difficult to manage large hospitals, which are multi-specialty and super specialties.

Graduation is the minimum requirement for admission to this specialization program.

MBA in Market

Marketing is one of the most resilient to economic downturns, as we live in an age of unlimited branding. Marketing is everywhere in nature, as almost all industries require a marketing team to promote their products and services, from FMGC to consumer durables to the manufacturing industry.

These indisputable facts support a strong case to specialize in MBA Marketing. Students can get high-profile jobs in marketing such as project manager, sales manager and brand manager after completing this course.