The Makeup Of The Audience

Our readership consists of a very wide range of people. Our audience consists of company owners, Directors of Studies, lecturers at colleges and universities, instructors, teaching assistants, publishers, students, and authors who compose and publish their work. They are going to to get knowledge and acquire the greatest information available from people who are experts in the business. Even while not everyone will be aware of the most recent acronyms, buzzwords, and trends, everyone will be interested, inquisitive, and willing to learn. When you are working on your piece, keep this in mind.

The Length Of The Article

We recommend a length of either 500, 1200, or 2,000 words for each article. If your post has a lot of pictures, you might be able to get away with writing fewer words.

The Format Of The Articles

The way you present yourself is vital. It is important that the reader comprehend what you are writing about and that they continue to pay attention to what you have to say. You can help reach this goal and build greater interest by doing the following, which are some of things you can do:

  • Make your phrases and paragraphs as brief as possible. Many people who read stories online only read the headlines.
  • Make use of subheadings, and ensure that they are appropriately spaced apart. Your reader will have an easier time finding what they are seeking in your work.
  • Make sure that throughout your whole essay you stick to using the same keywords or key phrases. Because of this, it will be easier to notice.
  • Make use of transitional language, often known as linkers and connectors.
  • Be personal. When possible, try to avoid utilizing the passive voice.
  • You should emphasize important ideas by calling attention to certain passages of text by putting them in bold or italics.
  • Wherever they are appropriate, use bullet points.
  • Ensure that you link to the maximum number of sources. Include a hotlink in the text whenever you mention a person, a firm, or a quote so that the reader may learn more.
  • If at all feasible, you should make an effort to cross-reference at least one of your previous posts to EFL Magazine.
  • Use quotes. You can never have too many expert quotations in your job. Don’t forget to cite your sources, whether they come from websites, books,


The journal only publishes unique, never-before-seen content that will never appear elsewhere online or in print. We need all of the content that authors submit to us to be their unique work.

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